How To Earn An Income From Home Online – What You Can Do Right Now!

How to earn income from home online

How to earn an income from home online

Type the phrase “How to earn an income from home online” into Google, or other search engine, and you’ll get millions of results back. It’s blinding right?

For me, there are two parts to this question;

  1. What do you want to sell, promote, etc?
  2. How do you do it?

Well for me, I want to focus on the “How” portion of that statement. How to earn an income from home online

First, I’m a big fan of not reinveting the wheel. When I got into Affiliate Marketing, I wanted to find a successful process and then repeat that process so I could achieve similar results.

That sounds logical right?

Here was my criteria:

  • Free/Inexpensive training
  • Something that included domain and website hosting
  • A community to get help from when I had questions (and who doesn’t have questions?)

(Feel free to provide your criteria below in the comments section!)

Well when doing research to find out how to earn income from home online, the results were blinding! There were get rich quick schemes out there, programs that asked for tens of thousands of dollars to be a member and scams galore!

I also found many legitimate programs out there! There are a lot of honest people doing honest offerings which I believe get overlooked by all of the bad press out there.

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Free / Inexpensive Training

To me, free/inexpensive training was one of my biggest factors! I was looking for a step-by-step program that I could follow and learn the world and mechanics of being an Affiliate Marketer. I didn’t want a training program where if I had a question, there was nobody to reach out to, or replies would take forever to receive.

When I’m in the middle of something and have a question, I want an answer now so I can keep going, don’t you? 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate fit this requirement very, very well! In their “Live Chat” section, which is in the main menu, a user just asks a question to the community and literally within seconds/minutes you’ll have people answering your question.Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat

Isn’t that great?

It’s very comforting to know that there’s that safety net when you run into a problem, have a question, etc.

On top fo the live support from the community, the training is top notch!

Wealthy Affiliate’s “Affiliate Bootcamp” training leads you through the entire process of starting with nothing to having a fully functioning affiliate marketing website with social media and marketing aspects attached to it to help drive traffic to your website

As a FREE member, you can even take the 1st of 7 modules so you can check out the quality of the training. Seriously, who else would do that? (please leave a comment below if you know).

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Domain & Web Hosting Included

The second criteria for my search of “How to earn an income from home online”, is that I wanted the domain and web hosting included as part of the program. I’m a “one stop shop” kind of person and Wealthy Affiliate certainly fulfills this requirement as well.

As a FREE member, you can have up to two websites created and functioning without putting out a dime. Seriously.

When you’re a Premier Member, you can have up to 25 websites (yeah, that’s a lot!).

Other great features of Domain and Web hosting include:

  • Secured Web Hosting
  • SSL certificate (increases the security of your website at no extra cost)
  • Private Registration (at no extra cost)


Admittedly, I love the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve asked many questions and received quality answers everytime.

The community isn’t just available for random questions either. The community is there with their ideas, stories and questions during every training module/video session as well. Even while you’re taking the training, there are people in the community doing the exact same thing you are so you are not alone!



With all of the great features of Wealthy Affiliate, I think you’ll agree that this is one of the best platforms out there and will certainly answer the question “How to earn income from home online”.

If you agree, Take Action! Sign Up Today!

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding is Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers!


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