Online Business Your Way – Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Overall Ranking: 9/10
Price: Free Trial, $19/month Pro Version, $49/month Enterprise Version

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a simple, yet very powerful, keyword research tool that gets search engine data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.

Since keyword research is mandatory to make your website be displayed for relevent search terms for your niche, you want a tool that is easy to use and produces easy to understand results.

As you can see, all a user does is enter a keyword phrase, for example “Jaaxy”, into the search box and the results are immediately displayed:

Jaaxy Search Results

The data provided is easy to understand and the columns of information helpful:

  • Keyword – Keyword phrase a user types into a search engine to obtain results
  • Avg. – The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month
  • Traffic – Visits to your website if you receive first page rankings for that keyword
  • QSR – “Quoted Search Results” The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this specific keyword phrase
  • KQI – “Keyword Quality Indicator” Green/Yellow/Red scale on the quality of the keyword phrase
  • SEO – A score based on traffic and competition – 0-100 scale, the higher the better
  • Domains – Availability of domains related to the keyword phrase. A great tool for those that want to flip domain names for money

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  • East to obtain and understand the results!
  • Alphabet Soup feature is really a great feature as it allows you to find other keyword phrases to search on and add to your content. This feature is basically a function that mixes up your entered keyword phrase with every letter of the alphabet to obtain more keyword phrases

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

  • Saved Lists – You can take any keyword phrase you see there and immediately add to a new or existing list of keyword phrases you’re tracking. These saved lists can also be exported to excel and other formats if you wish
  • Site Ranking – Allows you to check a specific keyword phrase and see how well your site ranks for that keyword phrase. I really like this feature as you can automatically have keyword phrase rankings checked for your website once you set it up one time
  • Affiliate Program Research – I don’t use this feature much, but it’s a great way to see if a topic you’re interested in has an affiliate program associated to it. For example, if you type in the keyword “Poker”, you’ll see several affiliate program results for various ebooks, etc. surrounding poker
  • Search History – Great shortlist so you don’t have to keep retyping keyword phrases to search for


  • No mobile application for Jaaxy – Not sure if this is planned for the future or not, but the ability to do some research from a mobile device would be very convenient
  • Website does not have responsive design (adjusts for tablets and mobile devices) so trying to use the website on a mobile device is a bit difficult

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Jaaxy is for anyone who wants to do anything more than casual keyword research. Even if you’re somewhat serious about keyword research, Jaaxy is the best tool for you in my opinion for the price and features.


There are several videos and other information to help you learn Jaaxy, but to tell you the truth, once you cruise around the application and see how intuitive it is, you won’t need the help information.


Jaaxy Free Trial
Jaaxy Pro: $19/month
Jaxxy Enterprise: $49/month

Jaaxy Pricing Options

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To conclude,  if you’re even somewhat serious about continued keyword research for your niche, you’ll need to invest a little money. For the amount of features you get for the money (either the Pro or Enterprise plan), you’ll have a realy hard time finding a better keyword search tool than Jaaxy.


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