#Sundayride! An Escape From The Process – What’s Your Escape?

Whatever your goals are.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve

Now and then you need to take a break and get away from it all. Some people go to the gym, some people read, some people play sports. Whatever it is, having a hobby is a great thing to have.

This is where #sundayride comes in for me. If you look on Instagram and search for #sundayride, you’ll find that it is a reference for people getting out on their motorcycles on Sundays and taking a ride.

Motorcycles Are In My Blood

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was a little kid. My father raced dirt bikes and I always grew up in a house where there was at least one motorcycle in the garage. As I grew up, I moved from dirt bikes to street bikes and I’ve never looked back.What My Harley Looks Like

My Happy Place

I’ve been told that I love motorcycles so much that I should start some type of website business with them. Because motorcycles are my escape, my happy place, that is exactly why I’ve never make an online business with motorcycles. I like keeping my hobby exactly that, my hobby. I like keeping my happy place my happy place.

I’m already VERY passionate about helping people with their online businesses and with that, it’s where I love to apply my time and efforts. Even with my love for online business, I need to get away from it now and then and that is where getting on my motorcycle helps me so much. With my “knees in the breeze”, I get to clear my head and think about other things in my life and not about my online business.

Motorcycles Help Me Come Up With New Ideas

Even though riding my motorcycle is my escape from everything, at times it still ends up being one of the best places to think about my online business (I just can’t stop my brain!).

While riding, I think of new topics to write about or new ways to promote my business. The change in mindset is sometimes exactly what I need to get my brain into a different place and think about new ideas!

I Suggest Everyone Have Their Own Escape

We all work very hard. Whether it be working on an online business or working in an office or whatever you do, there needs to be a time where you can escape this and think about things like life, family, goals, work, happiness, etc.

Everyone needs a quick way to reset their minds and re-energize their bodies. Taking this time allows us to better perform at our jobs or reach our goals

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Have a hobby, have an escape. By doing this, you’ll be able to recharge your mind and body as well. When you return from doing your hobby, you can have a fresh perspective and a renewed focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

Whatever your goals are, take action toward them!

What do you do to escape the norm? Please leave a comment below and let us know!






  1. Hi, I’m glad I found this post. And I’m a motorcycle fan. I like to drive a motorcross. I have one and I plan to buy the other soon. A decent post and nice written. Thank you!

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